Alternatively, run the following powershell command to list ports:


Open PuTTY and select Serial. Enter COM# for serial line and 115200 for Speed. Click Open.

Download PuTTY

Connecting to the serial console from Linux/Mac


  1. Find the Bash Bunny device from the terminal
    ls /dev/tty*" or "dmesg | grep tty
    Usually on a Linux host, the Bash Bunny will register as either /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyACM0. On an OSX/macOS host, the Bash Bunny will register as /dev/tty.usbmodemch000001.
  2. Next, connect to the serial device using screen, minicom or your terminal emulator of choice.
    If screen is not installed it can usually be found from your distributions package manager.
    sudo apt-get install screen
    Connecting with screen
    sudo screen /dev/ttyACM0 115200
    Disconnect with keyboard combo: CTRL+a followed by CTRL+\