[RELEASE] WiFi Pineapple Firmware version 2.5

You can expect even better results on your next wireless engagement using the WiFi Pineapple with the newly released 2.5 series firmware for both the pocket-sized NANO and dual-band amplified TETRA models.

WiFi Pineapple firmware version 2.5 features a rewritten PineAP engine - the daemon at the core of its reconnaissance and rogue-access-point modules. With it, your recon scans will show more results along with the ability to quickly capture WPA handshakes. Further, the rogue access point logic has been improved to mimic preferred networks with even greater effect thanks to improved filtering - meaning you'll be harvesting clients with precision targeting.

Find the latest point release improvements and discussion on the community forum threads for the NANO and TETRA - and either update over-the-air on your WiFi Pineapple from the firmware upgrade section of the advanced menu, or from the Hak5 Download Center.  

Also check out the Hak5 Channel on YouTube to see the new PineAP suite in action on episode 2514 - The WiFi Hacking Workflow.