Payload Awards FAQ

How do I enter my payload
Submit your payload as a pull request to the github repository for your device following the style guide listed. 
How many payloads can I enter?
Unlimited! Previous payloads are eligible too — just add a note in a new pull request.
What are the payload requirements?
Payloads must follow the devices payload style guide, listed on each device's github repository. 

"black-hat" language may not be used.

Any "black-hat" language or insinuations of illegal activity in reference to the payload or Hak5 gear disqualifies the submission. Do not refer to the payload or Hak5 gear in regards to illicit activity, such as obtaining unauthorized access or personally identifiable information without consent. Hak5 gear is intended for ethical, white-hat hacking and authorized security auditing, systems administration and education purposes only.

Who can enter the Hak5 Payload Awards?
Anyone 18 years or older may enter — however Hak5 prizes in the form of gift certificates may only be redeemed by individuals in BIS license exception ENC favorable treatment countries pursuant to US 15 CFR Supplement No 3 to Part 740.

Currently (and subject to change) Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States. See for details.
Is it free?
Indeed it is!
Why is Hak5 doing this?
Because we love great payloads as much as we love making payload platforms! We recognize that payloads are passion projects, and their authors deserve to be rewarded.
Who keeps the ownership and intellectual property rights?
You, the payload author.
Where can I find the terms and conditions?
Find our terms and conditions at and
What kind of payloads can I submit?
Any payload with a pull request to the Hak5 payload repositories. Popular categories include:

• mobile
• credentials
• execution
• exfiltration
• general
• incident_response
• phishing
• prank
• recon
• remote_access
What are the prizes?
Weekly Winners
Every week we'll feature one payload (follow us on Twitter @Hak5) as the Payload of the Week! Winners will receive a $100 Hak5 gift certificate, inclusion in the payload leaderboard and Hak5 Payload Award Book.

Annual Winner (Payload Hero of the Year)
We know it takes a huge amount of time, energy and skill to make great payloads. That's why we want to honor them, share them with the world and reward you with up to $2,000 in Hak5 prizes.

At the end of each year, one payload author will win a $2000 Hak5 gift certificate during a ceremony dubbed "Payload Hero of the Year"
How will I know if my payload was awarded?
You will receive a notification on your github pull request with a special link to claim your prize. If you include your Twitter handle in the pull request, payload.txt or -- you will be tagged in the tweet.
Can I receive multiple awards?
Yes, absolutely!
What are some payloads to get inspired?
We recommend checking out the payloads currently published on the Hak5 payload repositories as well as the Hak5 forums.