Submit a Payload

Payloads for the respective Hak5 gear may be submit to either the payloads sub-forum on the Hak5 Forums or payload repository on the Hak5 Github listed below.

Payload authors are encouraged to follow the best practices and style-guide when submitting payloads.

Entries to the Hak5 Payload Awards must be made via pull-request to the respective github payload repository. If you're new to Github PR's — check out this Hak5 tutorial video.


You will be redirected to the selected Hak5 payload repository to submit a payload pull request. A github account is required.


Download Payloads

Get Rewarded

Enter now to get your payload in front of thousands. Win over $2,000 in Hak5 prizes, enter the payload leaderboard and Hak5 Payload Award Book. You may have been rewarded already!

Learn more about the Hak5 Payload Awards.

Get Inspired & Collaborate

The Hak5 forums and our Discord are a great place to get inspired, showcase your work and receive helpful feedback on your payloads. Some even opt to submit and support their payloads within each devices respective payload sub-forum — a practice we fully support!

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